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Thank you for your interest about our project “Pasturs-Risk reduction from the return of large carnivores at the Orobie Alps as an occasion of sustainable development for the local community”.

  • The approach

Two important species arousing enthusiasm and discussion are returning to the Orobie mountains in the province of Bergamo (northern Italy): the wolf and the bear. The conflict between large carnivores and zootechnical activities is one of the most important causes of persecution against predators. The reduction of possible damages can be achieved through the adoption of specific prevention measures like guarding dogs, night shelters and fences for livestock and direct surveillance by shepherds.

An effective protection of flocks lowers the number of attacks by large predators; moreover, the maintenance of traditional livestock management increases the quality of pastures.

  • The project

The project involves the training of volunteers who provide knowledge and practical help in the field to shepherds. Volunteers provide the traditional farming world with specific competences and good practices about ecosystems conservation while shepherds contribute with their own experience and deep knowledge of the territory.

Thanks to Pasturs, local shepherds’ communities benefit from the transmission of knowledge and practices useful to manage conflicts with large predators and to reduce the risk of economic damage for shepherds and of poaching for predators. The improvement of coexistence between shepherds and large predators is the best strategy in order to reduce both the risk of extinction of large carnivores and the risk of herd predation.

The heart of the project is the encounter between volunteers and shepherds; volunteers offers concrete help to shepherds in their daily activities in the pastures and create an environment of reciprocal trust, which substantiates in a collaboration aimed at reducing risks.

Hikes in surprising places, amazing night sky, crisp mountain airs: to participate in the project means to live an unforgettable experience while being helpful to shepherd, and in the protection of wolves and bears while sustaining traditional farming.

  • Who we are

Pasturs is supported by these organizations:

Cooperativa Sociale Eliante Onlus. The main activities promoted by Eliante are biodiversity protection through the promotion of coexistence models, environmental communication and the sustainable use of natural resources. www.eliante.it

Coldiretti Bergamo. With more than 1.5 millions of associate members, Coldiretti is the most important organization of agricultural entrepreneurs at Italian and European level. It represents agricultural enterprises as an economical, human and environmental resource with the aim to guarantee to local farmers opportunities of development integrated with the social and environmental needs and interests of the country and local communities. In the province of Bergamo Coldiretti represents the majority of farmers and breeders. Between its objectives there is the valorization of products and traditional agricultural and pastoral activities in the mountains of Bergamo.

WWF Bergamo-Brescia is an environmental association linked to WWF Italy and to the worldwide WWF network. It operates pursuing the same ideals and objectives of all the WWF network through collaboration agreements. Some of its prior objectives there is the safeguard of endangered species and the promotion at a local and world level of a sustainable management of natural resources. www.wwf.it

Parco Orobie Begamasche: is a forestry and mountain park which, with an extension of about 70000 hectares, represents the biggest area with high wilderness between Lombardy regional parks. It covers the southern versant of the Orobie Alpes and it’s characterized by important mountains, the presence of eagles and ibex and breathtaking views. In administrative terms it covers part of the territories of the Mountain communities of the Seriana, Scalve and Brembana valley, and a total of 44 municipalities.


Life Eurolargecarnivores. From 2019 Pasturs is taking part in this important European project which aim is to improve the coexistence between human activities and large predators through communication, cross-boundary cooperation and knowledge exchange.

Regione Lombardia, General Direction for Environment, Energy and Sustainable development: The General direction for Environment, Energy and sustainable development found several LIFE projects for the protection and valorization of biodiversity in the Lombardia region. Thanks to these projects the Lombardia Region has promoted specific actions for the improvement of the conservation status of species and habitats at risk. The Region collaborates with Pasturs project in some synergic actions in the management of large carnivores and with the actions of the project LIFE WolfAlps (editions 2016 and 2017) and LIFE GESTIRE 2020-Natura che Vale of which the Region is partner. www.lifewolfalps.eu | www.naturachevale.it

Almo Nature-Fondazione Capellino. Almo Nature support consist in providing free food for the guarding dogs which operates in the farms members of the project. www.almonature.com